This program emphasizes competency in language ability, to be efficient in both Chinese and English to better prepare the students for success in today's global business environment. The business program also emphasizes intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development, built on a solid foundation of Biblical principles and cross-cultural understanding. Today's students entering the workforce need to have practical business skills. Students will learn business practices based on Christian ethical foundations, and they will develop a lifelong perspective toward learning. Our students should be characterized by leadership, both through appearance and behavior, showing confidence, as respected business professionals.

Program Characteristics

  • The only program in Taiwan that combines English skills and business administration.

  • Foreign teachers, American education, and International learning environment.

  • Provides necessary English skills specifically geared to the international business field.

  • Develops Christian character to create respect and gain achievement in whole life.

Intensive English Program (IEP) - Option 1

  • The IEP is designed to help people who are interested in taking a degree in bilingual business, but whose English proficiency is low. IEP credits do not count toward the degree Bilingual Business program.

  • It is open to all community young people and adults who are interested in improving their English in 4 major skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  • The program comprises two levels of Intensive English classes. Level One is offered in the first semester to be followed by Level Two in the second semester. There are two terms in one semester. One term is 9 weeks.

  • The program has 3 components: ​classroom learning, language laboratory, LBD (Learning by Doing). It also includes EB (evening bonanza) which is held on selected evenings.

  • The medium of instruction for level 1 is 20/80 (Chinese/English) and 100% English for Level 2.​

Intensive Chinese Program (ICP) - Option 2

Foreign teachers use multiple pathways to the language learning approach. Each week students will be immersed in 30 hours Chinese environment to build up a solid language foundation.

Admission requirements: Students who need to enrich their Chinese skills.

Program duration: 4 semesters.

3 Year BBD

Bilingual Business Degree

BBD students will complete a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in just 3 years. BBD students learn  Christian ethics and prepare to study for an MBA in America.

Admission requirements: High school diploma and pass admission test.

Course duration: 3 school year and 2 summer sessions.

Course required: English courses (33 credits) + Business courses (42 credits) + General Education (55 credits)

1 Year MBA

Masters of Business Administration

The school counsels students to apply to the sisters' university to complete an MBA in one year since students will complete all the prerequisites required for the MBA program.