​Intensive English Program
  • The IEP is designed to help people who are interested in taking a degree in bilingual business, but whose English proficiency is low. IEP credits do not count toward the degree Bilingual Business program.

  • It is open to all community young people and adults who are interested in improving their English in 4 major skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  • The program comprises two levels of Intensive English classes. Level One is offered in the first semester to be followed by Level Two in the second semester. There are two terms in one semester. One term is 9 weeks.

  • The program has 3 components: ​classroom learning, language laboratory, LBD (Learning by Doing). It also includes EB (evening bonanza) which is held on selected evenings.

  • The medium of instruction for level 1 is 20/80 (Chinese/English) and 100% English for Level 2.​

Level One, 1st Semester

ENCP 011          English Pronunciation

ENCP 021          English Listening Training

ENCP 031          English Vocabulary

ENCP 041          English Reading

ENCP 061          Practical English

ENCP 071          English Grammar

Level Two, 2nd Semester

ENCP 023          Listening and Speaking

ENCP 033          Vocabulary

ENCP 123-4       English Grammar & Syntax

ENSL 161-2        Practical English